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These dynamic Newgrass kids put jalapeños all up in yo’ corn bread, making some damn spicy jams! It means a healthy dose of Mountain stomping, and a heavy pinch of Afro-Cuban heat, all topped with lyrics deep like sea cucumbers, death, and scrambled eggs.

Members of Bootleg Sunshine have been orchestrally-trained, have busked in the falling snow, have performed for Governors and billionaires, have given up entirely, have relearned entirely, have performed for penguins, the newly-born, the dying, the safety instruction lecture before take-off, and even music venues: enormous and intimate.


Bootleg Sunshine have “a mean violin player… their sound is so diverse and distinct that one moment you’ll hear bluegrass you’re moving your feet to, and the next second you’re pondering if you’re catching hints of Afro-Cuban rhythms in the same song. #musicnerdproblems”
-Seattle Art Museum

Seattle newgrass-ers bring a reputation for foot-stomp’n live shows: charming you with cinematic instrumental tunes, a few Appalachain melodies, some pastoral lyrics of years yonder, and a dash of sundry musics from around the world. On stages west of the Mississippi, Bootleg Sunshine have been growing exponentially from the Pacific Northwest with their “swank harmonies, percussive guitar, dizzying fiddle licks, and taffy-like backbeats.” Bootleg Sunshine simply delight those wanting to trip the light fantastic!

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Sometimes a duet, sometimes a quartet:

Harold Belskus (Anaheim, CA) Guitar, vocals

Amanda Fitch (Denver, CO) Fiddle, vocals

Martin Strand (Shelton, WA) Bass

Joe Eck (Minneapolis, MN) Drums

The foursome recently released a full-length album with their older, world-fusion project ‘A Cedar Suede:’ www.acedarsuede.com

Many thanks to our friends for all the help along the way!

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